9:30 a.m.

Come join us for Rally Day 2017 as we Journey Together. This year we are setting out to explore our faith and to travel together as the family of God upon this path.

After worship on September 10, 2017 there will be a BBQ lunch, games, and events for all to participate in. So pack your gear as we set out for this year of learning, growing, and discovering who are as disciples.

¡Bienvenido, Izett!

The most recent PCWS Cuba team is pleased to introduce you to one of the driving forces of our Cuba partnership, Pastor Izett Sama, who will be joining us in Worship and Adult Education on Sunday, September 17.

Our special guest, Izett, is a graduate of the Seminario Evangélico de Telogía of Matanzas and is presently serving as the Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Los Palos, near our partner church in Nueva Paz. In the absence of a full-time Pastor in Nueva Paz, Izett is also moderating the Session there – all this while serving as the General Secretary of the Presbytery of Havana.

Izett will be in the United States to attend the Cuba Partners Network meeting in Houston and plans to visit the Los Palos sister churches in Oak Park and Long Island afterward. We are very fortunate that she will be available to join us in worship Sunday the 17th in the midst of her travels.

Even better, in addition to joining us in worship, Izett will also be joining our team’s presentation of photos and stories from our June trip and will add invaluable depth and perspective with personal insights and stories of her own.

Please mark September 17 on your calendars and set aside time to join us for this unique opportunity in Worship and in Adult Ed!

Theology and Brew will be September 19th at noon and September 26th and 7pm. Both will be held at the Hilltop Tavern. Articles for discussion will be emailed out a week before the gather so that you can read and invite friends to join us for the conversation.