From Sunday to worship to weekday studies and mission opportunities, there are great ways to belong, believe and become part of this loving, caring community.


EXPLORE–each Sunday

EXPLORE is for everyone: children, youth and adults.  It’s a place for critical thinking, imagination, play and contemplation.  EXPLORE is where you explore the Bible on deeper and more mysterious levels.  EXPLORE is where you don’t just eat the Lord’s Supper, you make the bread and visit the winery.  EXPLORE is the place where sentences don’t have to begin with capital letters and church doesn’t have to be anything more than what you want, need, or hope it to be — until EXPLORE challenges you and it becomes something you never expected.  EXPLORE is an open, loving, accepting, life-giving place.

Imagine this:  EXPLORE begins with everyone gathered together in one place.  There’s a buzz in the room.  A speaker stands up and questions whether Adam and Eve ever actually existed and then wonders if the apple they ate was actually some form of an ancient Pomegranate (a more historically and biologically accurate species for the ancient near East).  The speaker ponders if this wonderful, old, exotic story in the Bible is really about the sustenance (food) you “eat” or “don’t eat” and the complex effects of certain actions.  After raising all kinds of questions about food and God and what’s right or what’s better, the speaker invites you to explore food in a variety of ways: kids get to go cook, youth do the food stamp challenge and adults attend a panel discussion on how different foods affect different things with a local medical doctor, psychologist, and chef.  This part of EXPLORE is kind of like getting a menu at a restaurant – and you can order anything.  You decide how you want to engage, experience, or contemplate the theme.  You can send your kids off to a different classroom where a trained helper will take care of them, or you can go with them as a family.  You can attend a lecture geared for adults, or you can join teenagers in discussing important social issues.  After 45 minutes, you know that if you decide to come back next week, every experience will be new.

EXPLORE is intergenerational faith formation.  It operates with the assumption that kids have something to teach adults and vis-versa.  EXPLORE believes hands-on experience is just as important as contemplation; which is just as important as critical thinking; which is just as necessary as being creative; and its okay to be drawn towards one of those more than another. EXPLORE is based on the theory that people have a diversity of complex faith-types (like personality types) and it is beautiful to see people discover what they think, feel, do and value about the realities they are oriented within.