Faith Stepping Stones and Prayer Buddies

PCWS supports .children and families in a variety of ways to carry Christian formation beyond Sunday morning.  Faith Stepping Stones helps parents and children pray and explore the Bible together from birth through school years. Prayer Buddies matches children with an adult prayer partner who promises to pray for the needs of an individual child. In these ways and so many more, PCWS members and friends strive to keep promises made to children at the time of their baptism.


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School transforms facility into a beehive of activity during the last week of July. About 25 adults and 60 children explore Bible stories, play games, snack, sing and create each morning for this exciting week. Children love the energy and the opportunity to bring their friends with them on their adventure.


Christmas Pageant

On a Sunday evening in December our children learn the story of Jesus’ birth by acting out the wonderful events. After donning their costumes and acquiring some beards or haloes, our shepherds, angels, innkeepers and magi lead us to worship our King.


Rally Day (Sunday after Labor Day)

Rally Day helps us kick off the new school year with lots of fun outdoor festivities for all ages and a wonderful picnic lunch. Kids get to meet their Sunday school teachers and get ready for a great new year.  Join us for a fresh start. A new beginning.


Communion Preparation Class

Each fall, children in kindergarten and older are invited to attend a lively Saturday communion preparation class, taught by the pastors and our Christian Education staff. Children make bread, learn about the sacraments of the church and especially about the Lord’s Supper as they prepare to participate in communion the next day in Sunday worship.


Family Camps

Family camp is a wonderful way to enjoy your family, while also enjoying fellowship with others. Single individuals and “empty nesters” are regular participants in the camaraderie.  Every January finds 40-60 children and adults in Wisconsin for a weekend of snow activities (hopefully), fireside relaxation, games and crafts. Summer family camp destinations and times vary: sometimes a weekend, sometimes a week; sometimes a few hours away and sometimes several days distant. Wherever and whenever we find ourselves together, we relish our times of fellowship and worship.


Bethlehem Choir

This Choir for grades K through 2 will meet Thursdays 4:30-4:50 p.m., October through April.  They will sing in church periodically. PCWS is excited to offer this opportunity to introduce music to the younger children!

JAM (Jesus and Me)

This new musical group is for 3rd through 8th grade students  They will rehearse Thursdays from 4:50-5:30 p.m. beginning in October through April. The goal for this group is to do more singing in harmony, periodic instrumental accompaniment of our singing, perhaps include some drama, and continue to have as much fun as possible.