Welcome to the junior high youth group!

Middle school is filled with homework, hormones, stress, adventure, fun, sports, bad teachers, amazing teachers, messy lockers, lost homework, pimples, new ideas, the best years of your life, and sometimes the worst years of your life. Strangely enough, we believe that faith really matters in middle school. We believe God is deeply present throughout those years — and we want all kids everywhere to be equipped to be present to that reality. Check out all these entry points for youth in grades 6-8:

JUPY:FUN will take place on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Sometimes we’ll play games at church like Alien or broomball, other times we’ll go somewhere awesome to play minigolf and lasertag or other fun activities.
The theory behind JUPY:fun is simple – middle school youth deserve to have good friends and this program is built to be especially welcoming for all kinds of new friendships. We also believe that JUPY:fun is a really important foundation for a healthy relationship with joy – something the Bible describes as a gift from God. At JUPY:fun, we deeply desire that youth would discover healthy sources of joy in their lives like good friends and fun games.

JUPY:nights will take place on Sunday nights, from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. in the youth room. JUPY:nights begins with a meal so that friendships can be formed and ends with activities and discussions focused on planting the seeds of faith. At JUPY:nights, middle school students will start the lifelong process of making their faith their own. In a relaxed but thoughtful and imaginative setting, we’ll talk about the culture we swim in from music to movies to early teenage life together. Each week, we’ll discover what the Bible says about various things, and then discuss how to interpret what the Bible means for teenagers. JUPY:nights is all about having life-giving experiences of the heart that shape our faith.
For a complete schedule of JUPY:FUN and JUPY:nights activities, please check out the calendar.

Sync: small groups are weekly Bible study and support groups comprised of 3-6 students. You can sign up to meet at church or at your home based on what works with your schedule. After you pick a spot to gather, an adult mentor leads a Bible study and discussion with you each week. Most sync groups only meet for about a month which means there almost always a new group you can join that’s about to begin!

Weekend Retreats and Mission Opportunities are really important to us. We think that one of the best ways to build friendship and learn from new perspectives is to getaway somewhere together. We have a variety of retreats and mission opportunities in the fall, winter and the summertime.

Please reach out to Brendon De Boer if you’re interested in hearing more about youth opportunities. His email is jupyandupy@gmail.com.