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PCWS is a welcoming, intergenerational and mission-focused community seeking to reflect God’s inclusive love.  We are a vibrant, joyful congregation of people of all ages.  We have members from all over the Western Suburbs of Chicago and visitors are always welcome.

We are a community of believers that is stirred by Scripture, struggles well with life, and serves others. A place where all people can encounter God, faith and community in an authentic, relevant and uplifting environment. A place to Believe, Become and Belong.

We hope you find the articles in the blog, written by members and staff of PCWS, enlightening, encouraging, and inspiring.


Gathering Clouds

I admit I didn’t want to go to church that morning. It was cold and unusually foggy. My bed felt warm and inviting. Catching up on sleep sounded like a great idea. But something convinced me to get up and go. An hour later I sat in a pew, feeling blessed and at peace, letting Read More

Bibles and Children

Where is God exactly? How can one see God? In a world that is too busy to stop and enjoy simple things in life when do we stop to ponder such questions. Recently I was asked when I had experience God. It didn’t take long for me to respond that I get to see and Read More

Where do I see God in your everyday life? When the topic “Where do I see God in my everyday life?” was provided, writing for our PCWS blog suddenly seemed like a daunting task. It’s interesting how things work out! While reading the novel The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens, I was struck by Read More

Something Happens in Worship

I’ve been asked to write an article on where do I see God in my everyday life. I understand the question to mean where in the work-a-day world or where in family life or recreation I am most likely to encounter God. Or where in God’s glorious creation, the mountains, the beach, or some such Read More

Looking Up

Have you seen this guy? He’s called “Looking Up” and is a 33.3-foot-tall stainless steel sculpture installed along Chicago’s lakefront path near 48th Street. It’s pretty striking and caught me by surprise the first time I drove by. It also stuck with me. Maybe because I tend to look up a lot. In fact, with Read More