Welcome to the senior high youth group! Everyone who is in grades 9-12 is warmly welcomed to join us for friendship, service projects, Bible studies and more! Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

UPY:Chill is so easy and fun to drop-in and join; all you need to do is show up ready to hang out. These events are specially tailored to fight two major problems that affect high school students: stress and boredom. The solution is friendship. The average high school student lives the vast majority of their life in highly organized environments like school and sports teams. Chill is intentionally unintentional because every teen needs unstructured time. Anyone in high school is welcome to chill with us at these totally drug free, safe, relaxed and unorganized Friday nights.

UPY:SQUALL events are high energy activities that will happen once a month, usually on the second Saturday of the month. We’ll do things like play whirly ball, go downhill skiing and indoor sky-diving. All Squall events will cost money, require sign-ups and parent permission slips. Friends are totally welcome as long as they are signed up in advance.

UPY:Subvert is a year-long leadership class focused on mission. We gather once a month from the fall into the spring to mix together social justice, problem solving, creative solution-focused discussion, and hands-on service projects bent on making this world a better place. This leadership class is all about empowering high students to subvert the brokenness of this world (like poverty, bullying, pollution, etc) with tangible expressions of love.

For a complete schedule of UPY:Chill, SQUALL, and Subvert events please check out the church calendar.

Sync small groups are weekly Bible study and support groups comprised of 3-6 students. You can sign up to meet at church or at your home based on what works with your schedule. After you pick a spot to gather, an adult mentor leads a Bible study and discussion with you each week. Most sync groups only meet for about a month which means there almost always a new group you can join that’s about to begin!

The Annual Mission Trip is open to all incoming freshman to graduating seniors and offer’s unique opportunities for participants and adult leaders to participate in hands-on work projects. Over 60% of the cost of this trip is covered by fundraising, the mission budget and other gifts.

Please reach out to Brendon De Boer, Interim Youth Leader, if you’re interested in hearing more about youth opportunities. His email is jupyandupy@gmail.com.