VBS for children: The Wonders of Water

We will be making a splash this summer together as we Dive In. The Presbyterian Church of Western Springs invites children, adults, the entire family to come explore the deep blue waters with us as we discover God’s love runs deep. This year the church will be filled with excitement as we explore all the adventures and discover the surprises our under water expedition holds. Our program will provide fun memorable Bible learning for the all ages. So pack you bags as we set sail on June 25th for uncharted waters. (Children and youth should be prepared to go home wet each night so bring a towel.)

VBS for Adults: Primeval History

Who am I? What does it mean to be human? Am I really free to choose between right and wrong? Why does our family not get along better? Why is our world in such a mess? How can I forgive?

This year will offer an adult class as part of VBS. Pastor Bill will be exploring these questions using an ancient but not outdated resource- the Bible, specifically the first eleven chapters of Genesis.

Known as the Primeval History, these chapters are not really a history but a story- a story about our world, our humanity, a story about you and me. Like other great stories, it can tell us a lot about ourselves. It seeks to evoke, not explain, to allow for wonder and awe rather than to describe and detail. Yes, it’s our story. How will it end? Come and let’s explore.

Schedule for each evening:

5:00 pm     Gathering Time

5:30 p.m.   Dinner

6:00 p.m.   Classes for children Pre-K to 3rd grade, 4th and 5th graders

Class for Adults taught by Rev. Bill Ingersoll

Cost (Includes Dinner):

$20 per child

$5 per adult

To Register your child(ren), click the button below.  Adults, please pay online to register.

For more information, please contact Rev. Tai Zimmerman Cole.