Where is God exactly? How can one see God? In a world that is too busy to stop and enjoy simple things in life when do we stop to ponder such questions. Recently I was asked when I had experience God. It didn’t take long for me to respond that I get to see and experience God every Sunday when I teach the children in Godly Play. I got to see God, in the children’s excitement on Bible Sunday as they jumped up and down when they were handed their Bibles. Then they could not wait to start exploring them and their excitement was contagious spreading throughout the congregation. On Sundays I get to see their wonder and excitement as they learn and grow. I see how they experience God’s word and the pure joy that lights their face when they discover something new about a story. They see everything with fresh eyes and wonder. Experiencing a story with the children, you see it with fresh eyes and wonder yourself. In this how could you miss God? God is in the face of each child and each week they affirm they are each beloved children of God.

Rev. Tai Zimmerman Cole

Interim Faith Formation Leader and Administrator