Nueva Paz and Covid-19

Same, but different. Our Cuban brothers and sisters have also been affected by the virus this spring, and have also been quarantining, masking, worshiping at home and continuing to care for their community.  In the midst of widespread food shortages on the island, the church continued their Breakfast program, feeding the elderly (at home) AND Read More

Pastor Erik, meet Nueva Paz!

In celebration of 10 years of partnership, we visited our friends in Nueva Paz in mid-November, 2019.  Attempting to leave Chicago on one of the snowiest Mondays of the year, Pastor Erik, Kevin McDermott, Mindy McMahon and Kathy Wennerstrum spent nearly 17 hours together in O’Hare before re-routing through Newark (arriving Newark at 2:30 am) Read More

November 2018 Presbytery Visit

Hola and bendiciones from our brothers and sisters in Cuba!  Our November 2018 visit to Nueva Paz was, once again, one filled with the love, laughter and generosity of our partner congregation. As part of a small group representing the Presbytery of Chicago’s Cuba partner churches, and honoring the Presbytery’s nearly 20-year covenant with the Read More

The Nueva Paz Breakfast Club

An active and long-time member of Presbyterian Women, Jane Boxell applied for a Thank Offering grant to help our friends in Nueva Paz launch a new program – The Nueva Paz Presbyterian Church Breakfast Club.  Thanks to the generosity of PW and their annual Thank Offering, we were awarded $2,000, the full amount requested!   Read More