Are you looking for a way to grow in your faith, meet others, and have a moment in the week for reflection? Early Risers Book Group is starting a new session and everyone is welcome to participate.  The new group will meet Thursday mornings, 7 a.m., starting July 2 via Zoom. Pastor Erik has chosen the book Crossing the Waters and it is written by Lesley Leyland Fields. PCWS has ordered plenty of copies and are available for pickup at PCWS. The cost is $10.
In the introduction to the study guide, the author writes:
“Here we all are, stepping into this boat together. Maybe you’ve followed Jesus all your life, maybe you just met him for the first time, maybe you don’t know much about him at all but are wondering what this Jewish man from long-ago Israel has to offer you. We’re all in different places, and yet we’re all in the same place. We face storms, and doubt, and fear, and we wonder how we’re going to get through. We wonder if we can trust
this man sitting on the anchor or walking across the water or teaching things we don’t understand—and calling us to follow. He is here, with us, and he’s asking us to follow him into deeper waters. And even though that seems scary, is scary, he’s worth the trust. Worth the risk.”
The group will begin on July 2 and continue for 12 weeks. Here’s the reading schedule!
July 2 – Chapter 1: The Gathering of the Waters
July 9 – Chapter 2: Under the Waters
July 16 – Chapter 3: Calling out of Water
July 23 – Chapter 4: The Catch of Catches
July 30 – Chapter 5: A Fish or a Snake?
August 6 – Chapter 6: Rocking the Boat
August 13 – Chapter 7: Mending the World
August 20 – Chapter 8: Storming the Peace
August 27 – Chapter 9: Filling the Hungry
September 3 – Chapter 10: Over the Waters
September 10 – Chapter 11: Unfollowing Jesus
September 17 – Chapter 12: The Final Catch

The chapters are pretty concise and manageable. You might want to read the whole book and then go back and read the chapters each week or read the chapters each week! Basically, there are no rules! (Or, you get to make your own rules!)
We will be using breakout groups to provide for a smaller group environment to allow for checking in with one another at the start of each session.
Please email Pastor Erik with any questions or to join this next session of Early Risers!  You may join this session before July 9.