If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that God actually . . . is . . . all around.

OK so I stole that line. And then I put God in it. Which I think works, actually.

How about that snow on Christmas Eve morning? Or our Live Nativity story, told by our kids – and soldiers, wise men, Mary and Joseph, manger animals, sparkly angels and Baby Jesus? The inspired, incredible, multi-generational generosity of this year’s Alternative Giving Fair? The super moons? So many random acts of kindness. So many hats, coats and cans of food. So many gifts to others we’ll never meet nor know.

And has anyone experienced Rodin’s “Hand of God” this winter at the Art Institute?

I hope you agree that yes, among seemingly ordinary happenings like these, the hand of God was there. I hope that you found a couple peaceful moments during the Holidays to see God with your own people and in your own places. And I hope that this year we can all, together, continue to see God in our daily lives whether it’s when we’re all in the same physical space of “church” or when we’re in our own places and our own heads and our own expected and unexpected moments of daily life.

May the New Year catch us all looking and finding that God actually . . . is . . . all around.

Kathy Wennerstrum

Member of PCWS