Confirmation is a nine month program designed to invite youth to reflect on the meaning of faith and to help them take seriously their intention to join the church.  The class is designed around the philosophy that growth in one’s faith happens best in a group setting where questions can be asked and answered freely.  The structure of monthly class meetings supplemented by two retreats is designed to be sensitive to people’s busy schedules without compromising the value of the program. Since group meetings will be minimal, regular attendance is crucial.  Some outside work will be required.  The following elements will be a part of this year’s confirmation program:

  • Monthly meetings  – 2 ½ hours on a Sunday, including lunch.  On time arrival and full participation are expected at all meetings.  Because of the interactive nature of the class, it is extremely difficult to make up missed sessions.  You will need to bring your Confirmation Notebook and Bible.  Class sessions are designed to help students come to a greater understanding of God, their own faith and how to live it out in the context of the church.
  • Retreats – The Confirmation year begins and ends with a retreat.  The Fall and Spring Retreats supplement the monthly meetings and provide a more in-depth time to explore issues of personal faith.  One retreat covers the amount of material in three class sessions.
  • Confirmation Notebook – Each Confirmand will receive a notebook to keep track of class assignments and personal reflections.  Notebooks will include:
    • Class Reflections – at the monthly class meeting, you will be given a brief reflection to be completed and handed in at the next class session.
    • Worship Journal – Monthly writing assignment based on the worship services you have attended during the month.
  • One-on-Ones – an informal 20 minute discussion with the confirmation leader scheduled in the first month of Confirmation to talk about the upcoming year and your faith questions.
  • Mentoring – Confirmands will be paired with a mentor in the Fall and will participate with him or her in a variety of activities over the course of the year.  The focus of this aspect of confirmation is relational; our goal is that you will get to know one adult within the church well.
  • Church Involvement – Regular attendance at church and Sunday School is expected throughout the year.  You will be asked to serve as an usher at least 3 times throughout the year.  You are also encouraged to participate in JUPYs, which meets most Sundays evenings.
  • Mission – You will be required to participate in two mission projects during the year.  Several different options will be offered so you can fit this requirement into your busy schedule.
  • Statement of Faith – The final project, to be written following the Spring Retreat.
  • Meeting with Session – takes place at the end of the year to discuss faith statements.

Confirmation Sunday – The day you will take your confirmation vows and join the church.  The confirmation class will be leading worship that day.