You are welcome here. You are loved.

There are many ways to get involved with our Middle School Youth Group.

Small Groups

This is a time to explore the ways God, scripture, and theology inform our daily lives.


Throughout the year, we meet for fellowship activities. This is a time to connect with each other and have fun!


Our worship together is an important part of our youth group. Join us at church on Sunday from 9:30-10:30!

Mission Opportunities

Throughout the year, we gather for mission. Our model for mission is four-part:

  1. Direct mission provides a service directly to under-resourced people.
  2. Indirect mission provides supplies or support to organizations who serve under-resourced people long term.
  3. Advocacy works to affect change of systemic issues.
  4. Education ensures that all of us (ourselves, our families, and our communities) are informed, aware, and equipped to serve.

Get Connected!

We use email and Instagram to communicate with families. To sign up for our email list, please contact Ben Mertz at You can follow us on Instagram @pcws_youth.