PCWS’ annual budget supports organizations with a global perspective and  those serving the local community.  A sample of the organizations we currently or have supported includes:

¨ Concern America

¨ Opportunity International

¨ Interfaith Community Partners

¨ Amka Afrika

¨ The LeaderShop

In addition to budgeted support for mission, the national Presbyterian Church, PC (USA), sponsors four denominational special offerings each year.  Each covers a distinct mission:

  • One Great Hour of Sharing
  • Pentecost Offering
  • Peacemaking Offering
  • Christmas Joy Offering

Each Sunday since 1975 the loose coins in the offering plate are collected to benefit the Pine Avenue Food Pantry and the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Aluminum, collected for recycling, is sold and the funds received used toward helping our sister church, Nueva Paz, in Cuba with their ministry.


Chicago’s Community Kitchen 

Last year the Session received a donation from members and as part of their donation, the donors asked that some of the funds be used for mission. The Session asked the Mission Committee to research and come up with a recommendation for the funds to be used for a local mission. After considering options, the Mission Committee decided to continue our support of the Greater Chicago Food Depository by donating $6,000 to the Chicago’s Community Kitchens workforce development program! These funds will be used to support students as they participate in the free 14-week training program. 

Founded in 1998, Chicago’s Community Kitchens (CCK) is a job training program preparing unemployed and under-employed adults for successful careers in culinary and hospitality jobs. The program has graduated more than 1,300 students and has a 90% job placement rate. This program is free to the students passing the entrance exam and willing to work. If you’d like to learn more about the program there is a video produced in late 2019 about the CCK program, click on the image above.

What a wonderful celebration of our continued partnership and desire to be a vibrant part of our community, bringing the light of Christ into the world!