You are welcome here. You are loved. 
At the Presbyterian Church of Western Springs believe that faith really matters in high school. We believe God is deeply present throughout those years: working in the hearts and lives of young people. 
Please feel free to reach out to our Associate Pastor, Lottie MacAulay Friedman for more information.


Everyone and anyone who is in grades 9-12 is warmly welcomed to join us for a time of discipleship, friendship, service projects, and friendship. At Presbyterian Church of Western Springs, we understand that high school is a world of its own. It’s a place like no other where teens can be given freedoms to explore the world, their talents, and God in ways that the rest of the world can’t. It can also be a demoralizing system full of bullying, belittlement, and pressure. That’s why we at PCWS believe in creating a safe environment that encourages youth to disconnect from technology.

High School:

During this unusual time, our Youth groups are meeting monthly.