Weekday Mid-Day Prayer

Pastor Erik will be hosting midday prayer via Zoom each weekday. Please visit zoom.us and sign-up for Zoom. It is very easy to do, but here’s a good how-to document to help you get setup. 

Please join us for a break from the other activities of your day. Whether you are working, at home, or out and about, you can pause and join me as we center ourselves on God, hear some scripture, and engage in some ancient and modern spiritual practices. It will be brief and a chance for you to see the faces of people you love.

Set-up your Zoom account and if you need help, please email me (erik@presbyws.org) and I can help walk you through it!

Here’s the link to the midday prayers. This is open to anyone. All are welcome.

You can also join directly through the Zoom app on your phone, tablet, or computer by entering this Meeting ID: 571 092 483.
If you would prefer to just join with audio through your telephone (landline or mobile) you can call 312-626-6799 and enter the Meeting ID when prompted (571 092 483).