You are welcome here. You are loved.

In the Presbyterian tradition, we believe in the priesthood of all believers—that means the priesthood of youth, too! Our young people are theologians. Their identities, stories, experiences, and questions teach the Church about God and about how to be God’s people in the world.

Just as we believe that the lives of our young people matter to God and the Church, we believe that God and the Church matter in the lives of our young people.

As a youth group, we aim to:

  1. Embody the spacious embrace of God by ensuring that all youth feel accepted and included in the community.
  2. Equip youth with the Biblical, theological, and ecclesial knowledge they need to embark confidently on their own faith journeys.
  3. Create opportunities for youth to see, experience, and engage in God’s restorative work on earth. We follow Jesus’s peacemaking and radically loving example as we put faith in action and participate with the Spirit in the healing and restoration of all things.
  4. Develop honest, authentic, and healthy relationships with each other and with adult leaders.
  5. Empower adults to build meaningful relationships with teenagers.
  6. Engage in the worship life of the church both as leaders and participants.


The Presbyterian Church of Western Springs aims to be a sanctuary for all. We are committed to the safety of our youth, volunteers, and leaders. For more information, please view our Safe Space Policy and our Email Internet and Electronic Communication and Social Media Policies.

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